Are you missing some keys?

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We regularly see laptops with missing keys or broken keyboards. If your laptop has a missing key or keys a cheaper way to fix it is to search for the model of your laptop on ebay. For example I have a HP DV 6000 laptop using ebay I would search for
“HP DV6000 laptop keys” quite often you’ll get companies or individuals selling laptop keys for keyboard for the model of laptop that you have. They keys are usually sourced from a faulty or broken laptop and they should not cost more than a couple of pounds. I hope this tip helps out some struggling laptop user.

missing key for laptop

If your laptop keyboard is not working at all we can swap it out for a new keyboard for pretty cheap price as swapping a keyboard is quite a quick service depending on the model and the keyboards themselves should not cost more than #50 at the top range of the market.

If you are not prepared to pay for a replacement keyboard another option would be to use a desktop keyboard. Just make sure it is a USB keyboard as some of the older style keyboards tend to have a PS/2 connection which laptops do not have. This of course limits the mobility of a laptop but is a handy hint if your don’t have the cash for a repair or are awaiting one of our engineers to provide a replacement keyboard.

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  1. Elio Says:

    My laptop is a HP dv6-1247cl and the key “backspace” now is missing, I mean, is still working but the cover is not useful, how can I fix it, can you help me? I can send you a picture if it’s necessary.
    Kind regards,


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