Broken power jack

One of the most common laptop problems are broken power jacks. This usually happens if the power cord is pulled hard whilst still plugged into a laptop. However it can happen over a longer period of time when the connections fail on the main board to the power jack or the laptop power jack wears out.

The power connector itself is fairly cheap component at around £5 from somewhere like ebay. However the main cost is the time it takes to get to the power connection. We provide laptop repair in Brimingham and can help with this issue.

Laptop engineers Birmingham

Prices are usually quoted for 2-3 hours of work. This includes taking the laptop apart in a clean anti-static environment with the laptop and components earthed. This is important as if there is a static build up in the air or the floor you can damage other components on the laptop motherboard.

If your looking for a laptop repair specialist in Birmingham I’d suggest giving us a call. We pride ourselves on doing a quality job at a reasonable price. All work is taken out by a professional.

So if you have a laptop maintenance in Birmingham issue do not hesitate to dial our number.