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The most typical laptop repair problem.

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We are continuously repairing laptops for customers here at Laptop Repair Birmingham. The most typical hardware fault we see is the laptop hard drive; a close 2nd is the laptop screen. Quite often these come to us smashed or cracked and we have to repair the laptop screen LCD display.

Laptop hard drives are a bit like tiny record players that your mum and Dad would have employed. Vinyl records did have a tendency to get scratched or even shattered. The same could be said for laptop tough disc drives. They normally fail simply because of bad blocks on the drive ( comparable to a scratched discs) If crucial data is contained on the poor block of the drive this will occasionally not permit the operating system to start (Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / OSX)

Occasionally the motor inside the drive fails this means that the disc inside the laptop tough disc drive won’t rotate and also the info (data) can’t be accessed. The other failure frequent that we see at Laptop Repair Birmingham is a build up of dust or static electricity on the challenging drive’s motherboard. This can render the board useless and the logic circuits that control the drive don’t work which means the data can’t be passed to the laptop motherboard.

Laptop difficult drive repairs are widespread and can easily be carried out by our engineers. The price of a new laptop challenging drive all depends on the capacity (size) of the existing laptop challenging drive. Laptop Repair Birmingham provides a range of drives and sizes. You’ll be able to even request a solid state drive to be installed in place of the older motor driven drives. This will make your laptop significantly quicker as the tough drive in a laptop is one of the principal speed bottle necks nowadays. When flash drives in laptops become much more popular we’ll almost certainly be out of company as we so numerous failed drives.

Once a new drive has been decided on for your laptop it’s time to install we usually take the old drive out your laptop and try and recover any data if needed. The kind of data that Laptop Repair Birmingham can recover is normally files/music/pictures/videos/word excel documents. At this time we are unable to recover software from your laptop this will need to be re-installed from the original CD or downloaded from the correct internet site.
Once the new drive is installed on your laptop it’s a case of re-installing the operating system and system drivers.

This might be a lengthy process nevertheless we have a fixed fee for such a repair so the costs do not get out of hand. Once the operating system and drivers are in place we restore the original data from your old drive back onto the new one. You’ll generally find that this kind of repair method is well worth the money as you’ll get a larger capacity drive which will give you much more space to download to and we’ll only use top quality drives, some laptop difficult drives by specific manufactures fail a lot more than other people.

We only use the very best components for the job. When the operating system has been installed there is no bloatware or manufacture software installed so you normally have a a lot quicker laptop after this procedure. Should you can afford to upgrade to Window 7 then this is even much better as windows vista truly does slow down a laptop so consider this also.

Notebook problems.

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As you can see from our recent post we cover a large area within Birmingham. Notebooks are another name used for laptops. The name tends to be commonly used in America. Netbooks are also a similar name for laptops/notebooks. However netbooks can be identified as they uusually are smaller than your usual standard size notebook.

Netbooks usually do not have optical drives for example a CD or DVD reader/writer. This is one of the main things you should consider if yo are purchasing a netbook as you may quite often use CDs or DVDs and without a drive inside your computer then a netbook may not be an ideal choice.


There are however options to this which include an external optical drive, they usually connect via USB to your computer and are independantly powered by a power supply. this adds a certain amount of clutter onto your desk and might not be ideal. Then your best solution would be a standard notebook.

If you have old notebooks we can usually upgrade them and flush the system out. This will improve the speed of your netbook/notebook/laptop. Quite often when you purchase a laptop from a shop they install software that can slow your laptop computer down. Things like antivirus will slow your system down and some anti virus tends to be worse than others.

netbook size

Other limitations of pre-installed software can include un-nessescary software that the Windows operating system already can do. this includes wireless tools and power conservation tools. Quite often manufactures will install there own version of this software when in fact the utility is already built into windows. This can often cause a system to slow down as more software has to be loaded on start-up/boot that is required and this will utilise not only time loading but a portion of system memory quite often referred to as RAM (random access memory)

Hope this post provides some useful insight. I will be updating on a daily basis in the hope that we reach 1st page on google by summer.