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How To Get Your Company Listed Higher on Google Places

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Listing in Google places is essential for local businesses. With the yellow pages literally dead small companies are turning to the internet to promote their company.

Google places allow local business to be featured on Google’s listings above the organic natural search.

For example, if someone searches for “IT company Birmingham” in Google the search will bring up Google places above the natural search results along with a map to show where the companies are.

However, there are only 10 available spots for each page on Google places and with so many businesses competing for the top 10 spaces it can be rather difficult to get in the top 10.

If you are lucky enough to be in a smaller city with less competition then getting in the top 10 of Google places would be much easier. If you are from a larger city with a lot of competition then all is not lost – there are ways to get you in the top 10 places.

Here are some tips to help you get your company listed in the top 10 Google Places search results.

Use your full address and details when registering. Ensure the address is exactly the same as on your website e.g. street and st. are not the same according to Google.

Google requires a local telephone number for each local listing.Give as much detail about your company as possible in the registration and leave nothing out.Use the same email address as the one on your website.Put the keyword in the description but be careful not to keyword stuff.Upload photos and videos of your company.
To get your website to rank higher in the listing you have to keep the content fresh on your website.

Try to change your website once a month. You can add coupons or change special offers to keep your website fresh. If possible add articles or any other industry specific news to your website. By doing this you are keeping your website fresh and active. This will really help in your Google Places rankings.

Ask your current customers to review your company – only ask customers who are positive and likes your company. Direct them to a review site and give them a discount on future purchases in return for their review. Remember to tell them to give the exact name of company and address as the one on your website otherwise Google will not count it as the review for your company.

By getting more reviews and updating the content on your website you can slowly get your website listed in the top 10 of the Google Places listings.

If you have a website, and the website pertains to starting a home business, business opportunities, or promoting your latest affiliate program, I assure you that this information will help you, and best of all, it’s very simple. Now before we get started I know you heard all of the gossip about recipricol linking, the quality of links, how many links, and oh, did I forget content? Well actually, I didn’t. This is all great but this has no bearing on whether or not you get listed in google, this has to do with your page rank or “how high your site lists in the search engines”. Did I say I was going to keep this simple?

Your best bet is to actually create your site presenting your home business, your affiliate program, or your business opportunities. Yes, you can tailor your website for keywords (more on this later) but keep it simple and just write your site as you would want your first visitor to see it.

OK your done. Now What?

Now submit it to google, and yahoo, and any other major search engines you want to be listed in. (In the comment box, Thank them for reviewing your site and taking the time to consider it)

I know your saying WHAT? I didn’t even tailor my site to the search engines yet! Thats okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the search engines aren’t really fussy. We are the fussy ones. We are the ones that want these high, crazy overnight rankings in the search engines. But guess what. The search engines won’t have that. So submit your site to all the major search engines.

Now you are going to start working on your recipricol linking, and yes, your content, because guess what, your site will be listed in the search engines in a week.

I did not say you were going to get a high ranking, or be #1 in the search engines, but guess what, that takes time.

Please Read the rest of my articles to find out what you do next.

I had my plain old home based business site listed in Google and yahoo in under 7 days.
If you don’t believe me, click on my site in my signature, and then search in Google and yahoo and you will be pleasantly surprised.

IT Services

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We provide many IT services in Birmingham. This website details all aspects of our IT services in a blog style posting.

We hope you enjoy our articles.

We repair Apple Macs to!

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Haven’t posted anything on the website for quite a while. Time for an update.
Laptop Repair Birmingham offer all manner of services but not just Windows based computers. We also repair, fix and help with Apple Mac products.
The economy may be in a nose dive but we’ve seen a sharp increase in the amount of Apple Mac products in for repair. This is quite surprising as Apple Mac products are usually 3 times more expensive compared to Windows or “PC” based products and hardware.
apple mac repair birmingham

But I guess you pay for what you get – that however does not mean they don’t break down 🙂
Whether it be an iMac, Airbook, Mac book Pro, Ipad, iPod, Iphone – you name it anything apple we can help.
There are quite a few companies that claim to fix Apple Macs however the usually are more complicated to repair and that bit more expensive as parts are a little bit harder to source. National companies will charge an arm and a leg for Mac repairs. In-fact if you take your Mac computer to an Apple shop repair be prepared to take out a small loan! Only joking but before you go with wallet in hand to the Ishop give Laptop Repair Birmingham a call. Our suppliers give us very good rates on replacement hardware, screens, RAM, hard drives and all the other components that go into assembling an Apple Mac product.

Power jack repairs

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Laptop power jacks

One of the primary laptop computer maintenance problems is when the power connection stops working on a laptop computer. Occasionally these are generally referred to as Dc jack, power connection or power outlet. Just about all these names refer to the main power port on the laptop.
The notebook DC jack port can easily fail for a number of factors. Sometimes we get customers visiting us that declare that the laptop power port seems to have failed when in truth it really is the power charger and nothing related to the laptop computer itself.
The power port breakdown might be as a consequence of following factors:

Broke off: the power wire might have been aggressively pulled from the laptop.

Worn off: with time inserting as well as unplugging the power cord in to the notebook wears down the notebook computer dc jack port connection and the soldier connections may become loose

Dropped the notebook: you may have dropped the netbook and the power jack has fallen into itself.

These are just one or two of the causes power port might have failed. Luckily almost all Electrical ports are very cheap to replace, the price of a new jack is simply a few pounds based on the model of notebook.

The main cost when replacing a Dc jack on the laptop is the time involved. The complete notebook need to be stripped down and taken apart to get to the key motherboard which usually contains the laptop Dc port. This consists of usually between an hour to two hrs worth of labor. The moment the notebook has been dissembled it’s a case of de-soldering the previous Dc port and exchanging with a brand new Dc jack port.

The new Dc port is then examined before re-constructing the laptop computer. As soon as every tests are complete it’s a case of putting the laptop back together. This particular process is time consuming and as part of the process we have a tendency to give the internal notebook components a good clean because dust can build-up through the years and having a internally clean notebook computer can result in extended life expectancy which is an extra value service that we offer.

As mentioned the main cost whenever it concerns exchanging a notebook computer Power jack port is the time required fortunately this specific repair is offered at a fixed price. Right now there are a few types of netbook where it may cost a tad bit more to repair the Power jack port however this is due to the availability of parts. You will discover a few types of Sony VAIO systems and acer’s fall under this class but it really a small %.

As stated at the start of this post we sometimes receive customers visiting us when they believe that there port is on the blink however after some initial tests the netbook charger is at fault. We use high-end multi meter’s to assess the current from the laptop battery charger, if we don’t obtain a regular siginal from your wall charger then we switch the charger – this normally cures the problem. The other benefit of testing both the Power jack port and also wall charger is that replacing a laptop wall charger is a far easier and less expensive option.

Laptop Recycling Services

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Technology moves fast, computers and laptops go out of date almost as soon as you purchase them and they leave the shop. With the ever decreasing prices of laptops we’ve been finding that customers are dumping their old laptops for new one of all shapes and sizes. Be it net books or iPads many customers are upgrading there laptop system (some only a couple of years old) for new systems with Windows 7 installed.
Here at Laptop Repair Birmingham we get many inquiries about what to do with old laptops. The most common thing we see is an old laptop dumped in the bin! This is wrong on 3 levels.

old laptop

1) There are parts inside older laptops that can be used. Usually we can salvage the laptop LCD screen. We get many customers coming to us with smashed or cracked laptop screens – instead of having to purchase a new screen we can replace the screen with a reconditioned one from an older laptop. This is an advantage to the environment and the customer as it reduces the cost of such a repair.

2) The environment does not like laptop batteries if fact they are not really green at all. If a laptop ends up in a landfill then nothing could be worse, very toxic! We try and recycle older batteries from laptops at all cost.

3) Starving kids in Africa need laptops to. When we find a laptop that can be cleaned up we’ll wipe the data off it give it a new bill of health and try and sell it. Sometimes laptops are just too old and slow for the western world however and they can’t be sold – in this case we donate them to third world countries where they’ll be put to good use. Again avoiding them ending up in a landfill.

Faulty laptop keyboards.

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More often than not we see faulty laptop keyboards. There are a range of reasons that a laptop keyboard can become defective. Most commonly this is due to user abuse of the laptop 🙂 Either someone has pried a key or a set of keys from the keyboard, spilt liquid on the keyboard or just got the keyboard very dirty. 9 out of 10 times this is the reason we repair laptop keyboards in Birmingham.

missing laptop keys birmingham
Occasionally we’ll find a paper clip or build of hair/dust/grime in the keyboard itself which will render the laptop keyboard in operable. You’ll be please to hear that a laptop keyboard repair is not as costly as you might think. Many suppliers in the Far East now offer replica keyboards to fit your model of laptop at knock down prices. In fact a whole new keyboard on average on costs around £20.

The time involved to replace a laptop keyboard is also not that great with the majority of laptop keyboard repair jobs only taking between 10 – 20 minutes. All we require from the customer prior to supplying and fitting a new laptop keyboard is the model number of the laptop.

As mentioned earlier sometimes only a few keys are missing from the keyboard if this is the case it may be possible for the end user to source replacement keys themselves on websites like ebay by performing a search “laptop keys for MODEL NUMBER” replacing MODEL NUMBER with the model of laptop you have. You can usually find the model number or you laptop printed on the front of the laptop for example Dell Inspirion 1500 or Toshiba Satellite A300. However sometimes the model number is on the back of the laptop on a printed label.

Another great tip if your in a hurry to access the data on your laptop and have a defective laptop is to use a USB keyboard from a regular desktop PC. Nowadays the majority of households have more than one PC and if you do have a desktop PC or a friend/colleague has a PC you might be able to borrow it for 5 minutes to access that crucial data. Please remember as most laptops have USB ports there should not be an issue using a USB keyboard on your laptop. However some older models (in fact all desktop PCs over 5 year) have a different style of connector which is not USB, known as PS2. Unfortunately PS2 connection are not common on laptops so you’ll have a bit of difficulty using an older keyboard that is not USB.

Sometimes the keyboard works fine it just typing the wrong keys. This can happen for one of two reasons.
1) The regional settings on your version of Windows is set to USA. This will mean that when you use the @ key a “ appears instead. This is another common issue, in Windows control panel just change the regional settings to UK and that should fix the problem.

2) The other issue may be your keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters. More that often this is because you have the NUM Lock on your keyboard on, the num lock means “Numerical Keypad lock” you can fix this by turning the num lock off. It’s always been a bit of a question why laptop manufacturers include a num lock on a laptop keyboard, I do not know any one that uses a num-lock on a laptop keyboard, most accountants usually have a USB numerical keypad for such activities.

Most common laptop repair fault.

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We are always repairing laptops for customers here at Laptop Repair Birmingham. The most common hardware fault we see is the laptop hard drive; a close 2nd is the laptop screen. Quite often these come to us smashed or cracked and we have to repair the laptop screen LCD display.
Laptop hard drives are a bit like small record players that your mum and Dad would have used. Vinyl records did have a tendency to get scratched or even shattered. The same can be said for laptop hard disc drives. They usually fail because of bad blocks on the drive (similar to a scratched discs) If important information is contained on the bad block of the drive this will sometimes not allow the operating system to start (Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / OSX)
Sometimes the motor inside the drive fails this means that the disc inside the laptop hard disc drive will not rotate and the information (data) can’t be accessed. The other failure common that we see at Laptop Repair Birmingham is a build up of dust or static electricity on the hard drive’s motherboard. This can render the board useless and the logic circuits that control the drive don’t work which means the data can’t be passed to the laptop motherboard.
Laptop hard drive repairs are common and can easily be done by our engineers. The cost of a new laptop hard drive all depends on the capacity (size) of the existing laptop hard drive. Laptop Repair Birmingham offers a range of drives and sizes. You can even request a solid state drive to be installed in place of the older motor driven drives. This will make your laptop much faster as the hard drive in a laptop is one of the main speed bottle necks nowadays. When flash drives in laptops become more popular we’ll probably be out of business as we so many failed drives.
Once a new drive has been decided on for your laptop it’s time to install we always take the old drive out your laptop and try and recover any data if necessary. The type of data that Laptop Repair Birmingham can recover is usually files/music/pictures/videos/word excel documents. At this time we are unable to recover software from your laptop this will have to be re-installed from the original CD or downloaded from the correct website.
Once the new drive is installed on your laptop it’s a case of re-installing the operating system and system drivers. This can be a lengthy process however we have a fixed fee for such a repair so the costs don’t get out of hand. Once the operating system and drivers are in place we restore the original data from your old drive back onto the new one.

computer birmingham

You’ll usually find that this type of repair process is well worth the money as you’ll get a larger capacity drive which will give you more space to download to and we’ll only use quality drives, some laptop hard drives by certain manufactures fail more than others. We only use the best components for the job. When the operating system has been installed there is no bloatware or manufacture software installed so you usually have a much quicker laptop after this process.

If you can afford to upgrade to Window 7 then this is even better as windows vista really does slow down a laptop so consider this also.
Our next blog post will cover laptop screen repair also known as LCD screen replacement service. We’re Birmingham’s #1 for this!

Free software for your laptop.

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I’m writing this blog article in google Docs. This is a hosted software solution, commonly called “The Cloud”. The software is free and you don’t even have to install any packages or CD’s to get it running! It’s all based in the Internet browser. There are many free software solutions for laptops here are a list of the top 5 that no laptop should go without.

1) VLC media player: This is a free utility that allows you to watch and listen to all forms of media on your laptop or computer. Many movies that can be downloaded off the Internet will be squeezed into a smaller size using a compression technique that utilises what is known as a codec. Some media players play back movies and video files better than others VLC is top of the pile when it comes to all round compatibility.

2) Google Docs: I’ve only started using this free service offered by the giant that is google and I am impressed with the ease of access and use. Google Docs is a free web based portal that hosted your regular type of office software for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation. Add on Google other service GMail and you’ve got a complete office solution for free! The only draw back is that you must have an active Internet connection to access this software. Not ideal if you are using a laptop and are mobile where there is no connection.

3) VNC: This software allows you to connect to other computers. It’s been around for along time and is used by IT support people. We here at Laptop Repair Birmingham use it all the time when customers & clients call with IT support issues in Birmingham. Simple remote access to the clients computer so the IT problems can be fixed without any need for a call out charge if the client has an active Internet connection.

4) Malwarebytes: I’m not going to name any free anti virus software because there is limited solutions that are free. You pay for what you get. However Malwarebytes anti-malware is perfect for cleaning systems that have become infected with viruses. Virus removal services in Birmingham are free of charge if you know where to look and the solution is Malwarebytes if you can access your computer or laptop and install it.

5) Firefox: This is a web browser, I used to always use Internet Explorer however it became bloated and I was looking for something a bit faster. FireFox is not the most popular browser but it does have a good share of the market. What makes FireFox better that the rest of the free browsers is the speed and the added plug-ins. There is a huge community of people that add free plug-ins and browser customisations to firefox – all free of charge.

Data Recovery Birmingham

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Quite often we get calls from customers inquiring about data recover services in Birmingham. These can range from a laptop that is no longer starting up to someone that has accidentally deleted files from their laptop computer. Depending on the state of the hard disc drive (this is the part inside a computer that stores the data) the data can easily be recovered.

The first step to recovering data from a laptop or computer is to get exactly what data/information needs recovered. 9 out of 10 times this is usually photos that the user has not made a backup of. All their holiday or baby snaps stored on a laptop with no backup, how many times have we seen this? Don’t ask! You’d be amazed that the amount of businesses that don’t have any back solution for their IT systems. I’m not going to name names but how much is your information worth? And where would you be without it?

data recovery birmingham

Anyway back to data recovery. Once we’ve got a list of data to be restored off your laptop we’ll dismantle your laptop and extract the hard drive. The hard drive will then be attached to another computer using specific adapters designed to read laptop/computer hard drives. Once we have the disc ready to be read from another system it’s just a matter of launching the correct software for the job. The data recovery process can take 2 minutes to 2 days depending on how much data has to be recovered. We don’t charge for the time taken just a flat fee you’ll be happy to hear.

In some instances the hard drive has completely failed and either the motor in the disc or the drive itself has been damaged in some way. Taking the form of bad blocks or dust inside the drive. If after out initial data recovery procedure the drive is found to have one of these faults unfortunately the data recovery process can become a lot more expensive as the drive will have to be sent to a specialist company that deals with damaged/failed drives. This usually involves opening the disk up in a clean dust free environment, almost surgical environment. Removing the hard disc drive platters and placing them into a new drive which in most cases has to be the same model/make as the original drive.

Of course any advanced data recovery that takes place will come at an additional cost however you will be given a price for the job prior to any work commencing. Laptop repair Birmingham pride ourselves on the most economical approach to your IT issues so you can be guaranteed the best price.

data recovery services in birmingham

Common Data recovery and data retrieval includes

Files & Documents: excel, words, pdf’s
Pictures & Graphics: jepg’s, gif’s, photoshop files
Emails: Outlook Express, Outlook & AOL
Software License Keys: Microsoft Office / Microsoft Windows
Music: iTunes Library, nokia, MP3’s & WAVs

If you fancy trying to recover the data yourself be advised that you’ll need another computer system to plug the hard drive into. As mentioned you’ll need to take the existing hard disc drive out of your current system either a desktop computer or laptop then using a USB to either SATA or IDE adapter hook this up to a separate computer system. The majority of data that you’ll be trying to recover is located in the following directories depending on what version of Windows your running.

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Pictures

Windows Vista / 7

C:\Users\User Name\My Documents
C:\Users\User Name\Pictures
C:\Users\User Name\Music

Replace C with the attached drive letter and user name with your username.
This can be a complicated process and you are advised to get a professional to get the job done right without having to invest on data recovery software and adapters to undertake this job. The instructions above are to illustrate what exactly laptop repair Birmingham will be doing to recover your data.

Where can I get my laptop repaired in Birmingham?

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I’m going to give you a suggestion call 0121-3690911 this is the number for laptop repair Birmingham. If you are reading this then you’re probably already on our website you can even email us for a quote however we’ll probably be able to give you a more direct answer over the phone if you’ve got a laptop query or question.

There are many problems that can go wrong with laptops and laptop repair Birmingham can usually identify the fault 95% of the time over the phone and give you a estimate there and then. Our labour costs are minimal and we’ll charge a lot less than our competitors. This is because we do not have a shop premises and can pass the saving onto our customers. The only thing you’ve got to lose if you don’t call 0121-3690911 is money to some overpriced big name company that will promise to repair your laptop and wipe all the data off it probably – this is standard practice by the big names!

We provide IT support and computer maintenance as well as PC help and advice to many local clients in and around Birmingham. It’s amazing how people in the year 2010 are so dependent on an internet connection for daily tasks. We are well aware of this and always aim to have your laptop back to you within the shortest time after a repair.

Here is a list of common laptop repair issues that we undertake. We provide repairs to the following laptop manufacturers.

Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Advent, Packard Bell, Acer, Samsung, HP, IBM, Median

We are the laptop doctors in Birmingham!

Smashed laptop screen

No power, faulty power, only lights blinking, no lights coming on.

Missing laptop keys, faulty keyboards.

Spilled tea, coffee, wine, water, liquid on laptop?

Accidentally damaged, dropped, or abused your netbook?

Here is a list of area’s that we cover including Birmingham:

Acocks Green, Aston, Bartley Green, Billesley , Bordesley Green , Bournville , Brandwood , Edgbaston, Erdington , Hall Green, Handsworth Wood , Harborne , Hodge Hill , Kings Norton, Kingstanding , Ladywood , Longbridge, Lozells & East Handsworth , Moseley & Kings Heath , Nechells , Northfield , Oscott , Perry Barr , Quinton , Selly Oak, Shard End , Sheldon , Soho , South Yardley , Sparkbrook , Springfield , Stechford & Yardley North , Stockland Green , Sutton Four Oaks , Sutton New Hall , Sutton Trinity , Sutton Vesey , Tyburn , Washwood Heath , Weoley of course our geography naming ain’t that great so let us know if we’ve missed an area of Birmingham out on this list.

Otherlaptop repair issues include

Anti virus removal



ID Theft prevention


System tune-ups, PC MOTs, computer optimisation, make your laptop go faster.

Software and hardware upgrades, sales and service.

Data retrieval, backup and recovery.

Internet, broadband connection issues help support.

Networking printers, file sharing, streaming media around the home

The list is almost endless at this point so if you’re still not sure if we cover a laptop or computer issue then call us on 0121-3690911 and we’ll put you straight, best of all you’ll speak directly to an engineer for a fast response to your query.

You’ll find that there are a growing number of laptop manufacturers using cheaper components inside laptops including hard drives, this is a bad move by manufacturers to provide the customer with a cheaper laptop. The game is almost up as there have been many HP laptops defects that angry customers are starting to be weary of. The simple fact is that you pay for what you get.

We only use the highest quality laptop components when repairing a laptop as this allows us to provide a warranty for the repair as we know we’re not using cheap 2nd hand ebay items like some competitors. We use only the best and source them direct from the wholesalers. We make money on the service and repair of your laptop and will not mark up the cost of hard ware components that need replaced, this keeps the customer happy as we rely on internet and word of mouth to let potential customers know about our service and support in Birmingham.