Data Recovery

We can provide data recovery in Birmingham. If you’ve got a laptop that is not turning on or booting up correctly there is a chance that the data can still be rescued off the laptop.

The procedure includes removing the existing hard drive in the laptop. Connecting it to an external USB device and transferring the data over to another system or the same system.
Data that can be recovered includes
Files, music, pictures, videos, documents and in some cases emails and contacts.
What usually can’t be recovered are software programs. You’ll need the original CDs for this. We can restore the operating system, for example Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 etc. However a valid product key is required. The product key can usually be found on the back of the laptop, a Microsoft sticker with a long series of numbers and letters.

data recovery birmingham
If you have a laptop repair in Birmingham give us a call we are here to help.
The usual process for data recovery includes
Removal of old drive
Backup of data off of old drive
New drive installation
Re-install of operating system
Transfer of old data to new drive
This process usually takes a couple of hours depending on how many files have to be recovered and what size. Our engineer will give you a quote and turn around time when you call our local number.