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Quite often we get calls from customers inquiring about data recover services in Birmingham. These can range from a laptop that is no longer starting up to someone that has accidentally deleted files from their laptop computer. Depending on the state of the hard disc drive (this is the part inside a computer that stores the data) the data can easily be recovered.

The first step to recovering data from a laptop or computer is to get exactly what data/information needs recovered. 9 out of 10 times this is usually photos that the user has not made a backup of. All their holiday or baby snaps stored on a laptop with no backup, how many times have we seen this? Don’t ask! You’d be amazed that the amount of businesses that don’t have any back solution for their IT systems. I’m not going to name names but how much is your information worth? And where would you be without it?

data recovery birmingham

Anyway back to data recovery. Once we’ve got a list of data to be restored off your laptop we’ll dismantle your laptop and extract the hard drive. The hard drive will then be attached to another computer using specific adapters designed to read laptop/computer hard drives. Once we have the disc ready to be read from another system it’s just a matter of launching the correct software for the job. The data recovery process can take 2 minutes to 2 days depending on how much data has to be recovered. We don’t charge for the time taken just a flat fee you’ll be happy to hear.

In some instances the hard drive has completely failed and either the motor in the disc or the drive itself has been damaged in some way. Taking the form of bad blocks or dust inside the drive. If after out initial data recovery procedure the drive is found to have one of these faults unfortunately the data recovery process can become a lot more expensive as the drive will have to be sent to a specialist company that deals with damaged/failed drives. This usually involves opening the disk up in a clean dust free environment, almost surgical environment. Removing the hard disc drive platters and placing them into a new drive which in most cases has to be the same model/make as the original drive.

Of course any advanced data recovery that takes place will come at an additional cost however you will be given a price for the job prior to any work commencing. Laptop repair Birmingham pride ourselves on the most economical approach to your IT issues so you can be guaranteed the best price.

data recovery services in birmingham

Common Data recovery and data retrieval includes

Files & Documents: excel, words, pdf’s
Pictures & Graphics: jepg’s, gif’s, photoshop files
Emails: Outlook Express, Outlook & AOL
Software License Keys: Microsoft Office / Microsoft Windows
Music: iTunes Library, nokia, MP3’s & WAVs

If you fancy trying to recover the data yourself be advised that you’ll need another computer system to plug the hard drive into. As mentioned you’ll need to take the existing hard disc drive out of your current system either a desktop computer or laptop then using a USB to either SATA or IDE adapter hook this up to a separate computer system. The majority of data that you’ll be trying to recover is located in the following directories depending on what version of Windows your running.

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Pictures

Windows Vista / 7

C:\Users\User Name\My Documents
C:\Users\User Name\Pictures
C:\Users\User Name\Music

Replace C with the attached drive letter and user name with your username.
This can be a complicated process and you are advised to get a professional to get the job done right without having to invest on data recovery software and adapters to undertake this job. The instructions above are to illustrate what exactly laptop repair Birmingham will be doing to recover your data.

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