Faulty laptop keyboards.

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More often than not we see faulty laptop keyboards. There are a range of reasons that a laptop keyboard can become defective. Most commonly this is due to user abuse of the laptop 🙂 Either someone has pried a key or a set of keys from the keyboard, spilt liquid on the keyboard or just got the keyboard very dirty. 9 out of 10 times this is the reason we repair laptop keyboards in Birmingham.

missing laptop keys birmingham
Occasionally we’ll find a paper clip or build of hair/dust/grime in the keyboard itself which will render the laptop keyboard in operable. You’ll be please to hear that a laptop keyboard repair is not as costly as you might think. Many suppliers in the Far East now offer replica keyboards to fit your model of laptop at knock down prices. In fact a whole new keyboard on average on costs around £20.

The time involved to replace a laptop keyboard is also not that great with the majority of laptop keyboard repair jobs only taking between 10 – 20 minutes. All we require from the customer prior to supplying and fitting a new laptop keyboard is the model number of the laptop.

As mentioned earlier sometimes only a few keys are missing from the keyboard if this is the case it may be possible for the end user to source replacement keys themselves on websites like ebay by performing a search “laptop keys for MODEL NUMBER” replacing MODEL NUMBER with the model of laptop you have. You can usually find the model number or you laptop printed on the front of the laptop for example Dell Inspirion 1500 or Toshiba Satellite A300. However sometimes the model number is on the back of the laptop on a printed label.

Another great tip if your in a hurry to access the data on your laptop and have a defective laptop is to use a USB keyboard from a regular desktop PC. Nowadays the majority of households have more than one PC and if you do have a desktop PC or a friend/colleague has a PC you might be able to borrow it for 5 minutes to access that crucial data. Please remember as most laptops have USB ports there should not be an issue using a USB keyboard on your laptop. However some older models (in fact all desktop PCs over 5 year) have a different style of connector which is not USB, known as PS2. Unfortunately PS2 connection are not common on laptops so you’ll have a bit of difficulty using an older keyboard that is not USB.

Sometimes the keyboard works fine it just typing the wrong keys. This can happen for one of two reasons.
1) The regional settings on your version of Windows is set to USA. This will mean that when you use the @ key a “ appears instead. This is another common issue, in Windows control panel just change the regional settings to UK and that should fix the problem.

2) The other issue may be your keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters. More that often this is because you have the NUM Lock on your keyboard on, the num lock means “Numerical Keypad lock” you can fix this by turning the num lock off. It’s always been a bit of a question why laptop manufacturers include a num lock on a laptop keyboard, I do not know any one that uses a num-lock on a laptop keyboard, most accountants usually have a USB numerical keypad for such activities.

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