Free software for your laptop.

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I’m writing this blog article in google Docs. This is a hosted software solution, commonly called “The Cloud”. The software is free and you don’t even have to install any packages or CD’s to get it running! It’s all based in the Internet browser. There are many free software solutions for laptops here are a list of the top 5 that no laptop should go without.

1) VLC media player: This is a free utility that allows you to watch and listen to all forms of media on your laptop or computer. Many movies that can be downloaded off the Internet will be squeezed into a smaller size using a compression technique that utilises what is known as a codec. Some media players play back movies and video files better than others VLC is top of the pile when it comes to all round compatibility.

2) Google Docs: I’ve only started using this free service offered by the giant that is google and I am impressed with the ease of access and use. Google Docs is a free web based portal that hosted your regular type of office software for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation. Add on Google other service GMail and you’ve got a complete office solution for free! The only draw back is that you must have an active Internet connection to access this software. Not ideal if you are using a laptop and are mobile where there is no connection.

3) VNC: This software allows you to connect to other computers. It’s been around for along time and is used by IT support people. We here at Laptop Repair Birmingham use it all the time when customers & clients call with IT support issues in Birmingham. Simple remote access to the clients computer so the IT problems can be fixed without any need for a call out charge if the client has an active Internet connection.

4) Malwarebytes: I’m not going to name any free anti virus software because there is limited solutions that are free. You pay for what you get. However Malwarebytes anti-malware is perfect for cleaning systems that have become infected with viruses. Virus removal services in Birmingham are free of charge if you know where to look and the solution is Malwarebytes if you can access your computer or laptop and install it.

5) Firefox: This is a web browser, I used to always use Internet Explorer however it became bloated and I was looking for something a bit faster. FireFox is not the most popular browser but it does have a good share of the market. What makes FireFox better that the rest of the free browsers is the speed and the added plug-ins. There is a huge community of people that add free plug-ins and browser customisations to firefox – all free of charge.

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