Laptop Recycling Services

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Technology moves fast, computers and laptops go out of date almost as soon as you purchase them and they leave the shop. With the ever decreasing prices of laptops we’ve been finding that customers are dumping their old laptops for new one of all shapes and sizes. Be it net books or iPads many customers are upgrading there laptop system (some only a couple of years old) for new systems with Windows 7 installed.
Here at Laptop Repair Birmingham we get many inquiries about what to do with old laptops. The most common thing we see is an old laptop dumped in the bin! This is wrong on 3 levels.

old laptop

1) There are parts inside older laptops that can be used. Usually we can salvage the laptop LCD screen. We get many customers coming to us with smashed or cracked laptop screens – instead of having to purchase a new screen we can replace the screen with a reconditioned one from an older laptop. This is an advantage to the environment and the customer as it reduces the cost of such a repair.

2) The environment does not like laptop batteries if fact they are not really green at all. If a laptop ends up in a landfill then nothing could be worse, very toxic! We try and recycle older batteries from laptops at all cost.

3) Starving kids in Africa need laptops to. When we find a laptop that can be cleaned up we’ll wipe the data off it give it a new bill of health and try and sell it. Sometimes laptops are just too old and slow for the western world however and they can’t be sold – in this case we donate them to third world countries where they’ll be put to good use. Again avoiding them ending up in a landfill.

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