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Where can I get my laptop repaired in Birmingham?

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I’m going to give you a suggestion call 0121-3690911 this is the number for laptop repair Birmingham. If you are reading this then you’re probably already on our website you can even email us for a quote however we’ll probably be able to give you a more direct answer over the phone if you’ve got a laptop query or question.

There are many problems that can go wrong with laptops and laptop repair Birmingham can usually identify the fault 95% of the time over the phone and give you a estimate there and then. Our labour costs are minimal and we’ll charge a lot less than our competitors. This is because we do not have a shop premises and can pass the saving onto our customers. The only thing you’ve got to lose if you don’t call 0121-3690911 is money to some overpriced big name company that will promise to repair your laptop and wipe all the data off it probably – this is standard practice by the big names!

We provide IT support and computer maintenance as well as PC help and advice to many local clients in and around Birmingham. It’s amazing how people in the year 2010 are so dependent on an internet connection for daily tasks. We are well aware of this and always aim to have your laptop back to you within the shortest time after a repair.

Here is a list of common laptop repair issues that we undertake. We provide repairs to the following laptop manufacturers.

Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Advent, Packard Bell, Acer, Samsung, HP, IBM, Median

We are the laptop doctors in Birmingham!

Smashed laptop screen

No power, faulty power, only lights blinking, no lights coming on.

Missing laptop keys, faulty keyboards.

Spilled tea, coffee, wine, water, liquid on laptop?

Accidentally damaged, dropped, or abused your netbook?

Here is a list of area’s that we cover including Birmingham:

Acocks Green, Aston, Bartley Green, Billesley , Bordesley Green , Bournville , Brandwood , Edgbaston, Erdington , Hall Green, Handsworth Wood , Harborne , Hodge Hill , Kings Norton, Kingstanding , Ladywood , Longbridge, Lozells & East Handsworth , Moseley & Kings Heath , Nechells , Northfield , Oscott , Perry Barr , Quinton , Selly Oak, Shard End , Sheldon , Soho , South Yardley , Sparkbrook , Springfield , Stechford & Yardley North , Stockland Green , Sutton Four Oaks , Sutton New Hall , Sutton Trinity , Sutton Vesey , Tyburn , Washwood Heath , Weoley of course our geography naming ain’t that great so let us know if we’ve missed an area of Birmingham out on this list.

Otherlaptop repair issues include

Anti virus removal



ID Theft prevention


System tune-ups, PC MOTs, computer optimisation, make your laptop go faster.

Software and hardware upgrades, sales and service.

Data retrieval, backup and recovery.

Internet, broadband connection issues help support.

Networking printers, file sharing, streaming media around the home

The list is almost endless at this point so if you’re still not sure if we cover a laptop or computer issue then call us on 0121-3690911 and we’ll put you straight, best of all you’ll speak directly to an engineer for a fast response to your query.

You’ll find that there are a growing number of laptop manufacturers using cheaper components inside laptops including hard drives, this is a bad move by manufacturers to provide the customer with a cheaper laptop. The game is almost up as there have been many HP laptops defects that angry customers are starting to be weary of. The simple fact is that you pay for what you get.

We only use the highest quality laptop components when repairing a laptop as this allows us to provide a warranty for the repair as we know we’re not using cheap 2nd hand ebay items like some competitors. We use only the best and source them direct from the wholesalers. We make money on the service and repair of your laptop and will not mark up the cost of hard ware components that need replaced, this keeps the customer happy as we rely on internet and word of mouth to let potential customers know about our service and support in Birmingham.

What can be upgraded?

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Laptops come in all shapes and sizes. Overtime your notebook computer will start to slow down. This is where an upgrade can become quite helpful and bring new life to an older laptop. Unfortunately the nature of laptops brings around some restrictions on what exactly can be upgraded. Unlike a desktop computer where anything can be upgraded laptops are more difficult to upgrade due to ease of access of specific components.

Here are a list of common laptop upgradable components.

Laptop hard drive: upgrading the laptop is a simple procedure that our engineers can carry out. You have the choice of cloning your existing hard drive of a fresh install of the operating system.

Laptop RAM (memory): You’ll find on older laptops upgrading the RAM (random access memory) will give a real speed boot. New systems that get this upgrade the performance will be only noticeable.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 is the new version of Windows If you are running windows Vista currently you’ll gain a performance boost by upgrading to Windows 7. If however you are running Windows XP the speed difference may not be noticeable but you’ll benefit from all the added bonuses that Windows has to offer.

Optical Drive: Older laptops may only have a CD or DVD drive. Newer optical drives will have the writtale option so you can burn CDs/DVDs and even Blu-Ray playback if your laptop is up for the job.

laptop upgrades birmingham

We try and give our customers the best option for an upgrade on their laptop after an initial inspection. 50% of the time you’ll find a re-install of the operating system or defragmentation of the hard drive may all be that’s required. Give us a call to enquire about laptop upgrades in the Birmingham area.

Windows 7 and why you should have it.

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Another software upgrade! Yup Microsoft have released Windows 7 and they want you to upgrade and buy it. Well if you have a fairly new laptop and don’t have Windows 7 on it then maybe you should think about it.


Laptops have slow slow hard disc drives, that’s the part of the notebook that holds all the information and software. The hard disc drive or sometimes known as hard drive is like a small record player that you can read and write information to inside your laptop. The operating system is stored on the hard drive. Some hard drives are faster than others and you’ll find that hard drives inside laptops are smaller which means the motor is smaller and they spin slower. This means your laptop hard drive is slower that a desktop hard drive (a desktop being a normal computer).

So what?

Well Windows Vista which is a fairly new version of Microsoft Windows churns away at your hard drive and if you are running a laptop guess what, Vista is constantly churning away at your laptop hard disc drive. I can pretty much 100% guarantee that Microsoft Windows 7 will run much faster and smoother on a laptop compared to Windows Vista and it’s simply because of the hard drive factor.


You may have an older version of Windows, like windows XP if so all you may need is a RAM upgrade or a fresh install of the operating system to get things running smoother. Windows 7 may be a possibility but Windows XP is no dead duck with proper anti virus your good to go.

Now anti virus software and RAM (random access memory) are important considerations to take into account when upgrading or purchasing a laptop. You’ll find the more RAM aka memory that your system has the smoother it will run and I’m not talking about hard disc drive memory I’m talking about system RAM. Hard drive memory is plentiful however a new laptop should have at least 2GB and for the more power hungry user 4GB. You can get more memory in a laptop but you’ll pay a pretty price! And probably not worth it as you’ll not notice more than 4GB in most uses.

windows 7 for a laptop

More than one version of Windows 7

Antivirus software is cheap and sometimes free. However I do recommend paying for something half decent. You pay for what you get but stay away from big name brands like Mcafee or Norton Anti Virus. They are rubbish, virus makers tend to exploit the two big names and they usually run your system slower anyway. Go for something like Kaspersky or NOD32 these are far superior anti virus products that you can now get your hands on cheaply. As I said stay away from the free stuff, I used to use it however after repairing a lot of laptop computers I know for a fact they do not always secure your system.

Back to Windows 7 you can get a well price upgrade version from big name online retailers without having to pay for the full version. You should be looking at less than £100 and if you want we can help upgrade your system to this new operating system.

Are you missing some keys?

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We regularly see laptops with missing keys or broken keyboards. If your laptop has a missing key or keys a cheaper way to fix it is to search for the model of your laptop on ebay. For example I have a HP DV 6000 laptop using ebay I would search for
“HP DV6000 laptop keys” quite often you’ll get companies or individuals selling laptop keys for keyboard for the model of laptop that you have. They keys are usually sourced from a faulty or broken laptop and they should not cost more than a couple of pounds. I hope this tip helps out some struggling laptop user.

missing key for laptop

If your laptop keyboard is not working at all we can swap it out for a new keyboard for pretty cheap price as swapping a keyboard is quite a quick service depending on the model and the keyboards themselves should not cost more than #50 at the top range of the market.

If you are not prepared to pay for a replacement keyboard another option would be to use a desktop keyboard. Just make sure it is a USB keyboard as some of the older style keyboards tend to have a PS/2 connection which laptops do not have. This of course limits the mobility of a laptop but is a handy hint if your don’t have the cash for a repair or are awaiting one of our engineers to provide a replacement keyboard.

How much to pay the man?

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Specialists in notebook & netbook maintenance and solutions. We can make informed decisions and quotes to provide you with an economical choice when it comes to repairing laptops. When you call us you’ll be speak directly to a laptop engineer in the Birmingham area who will be able to discuss the problem you are having and advise on solutions.

Generally there are common laptop issues which as stated in this website include

Virus Removal
Hard Disc Drive Replacement
LCD Screen Repair / Replacement
Power and USB socket fixes
No power to laptop
Windows not loading
Software installs
Wireless network issues
Laptop Upgrades
Keyboard repairs
Overheating repairs

Of course there are other issues with laptops that we can fix at an economical cost. What makes our team different to competitors is that we do not have a shop or retail front so we can pass this saving on to the customer. We rely solely on the internet to communicate our services and solutions there are not other forms of advertising so the costs we have to cover are minimal this saving can be passed onto the customer. This allows us to undercut similar laptop repair companies in Birmingham who are still doing business the old fashioned way with a shop front.

Some larger shops charge as much as £230 to fix any laptop issue! This figure is ludicrous. You can purchase a new laptop for £300 so what are they charging so much? So that you’ll buy a new laptop! Don’t fall for this ! It wastes your money and is not environmentally friendly.

We fix most if not all laptop issues for under half the quoted figure mentioned above. Repair costs are not as much as you may think and no where near the crazy prices PC world and the like try and fob you off with.

Sony are renowned for having expensive laptops and their repairs are just as expensive. We recently had a customer come to us with a faulty Sony VAIO laptop and he was quoted £500 to repair the screen. Give me a break, £500, the laptop probably was not even worth £500. We managed to fix the screen for £110 all in.

Get more for your money.

Call now for a quote – Laptop Repair Birmingham


Laptop Repair Birmingham

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We offer an extensive range of services and support to resolve all number of laptop and computer problems in Birmingham. Laptops can break down for many reasons and we are experts at pinpointing the correct solution to the problem.

Common laptop repair issues include

Windows not booting/starting up.

This is usually caused by 1 of 3 things. Either a virus has gained control of the laptop and is refusing to start the machine – sometimes asking for credit card details to remove the virus before it will let you into the system. Other more common reasons include a faulty hard disc drive. Over time laptop hard discs can become corrupt due to age or if the laptop has been bumped. Sometimes bad blocks on the disc will stop the operating system from loading (Windows/Mac/Linux) not allowing the users access to their machine.

Finally sometimes windows update service can stop the operating system from loading. Some updates may conflict with drivers on your laptop and stop windows from starting 100%.

faulty laptop hard drive
These are common issues and in most cases data recovery is possible whilst making you system usable again.

Nvidia Graphics Card Problem on Laptops

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There is a huge faulty range of nvidia based graphics cards inside HP and Compaq laptops that have a known fault. HP who also own Compaq have extended the warranty on some laptop models due to this known fault. However there are still a high number of models with the known fault that HP will not extend the warranty. Laptop repair Birmingham have seen a large number of the HP and Compaq range laptops over the past 2 years with this fault.

The fault usually occurs with no picture on the screen, this may be followed by a dead laptop when the power button is pressed the laptop briefly powered on. Unfortunately it’s a main board component fault so the cost of repair can by high if you take it to the wrong laptop repair specialist. Luckily as we’ve seen this fault so many times our labor charges and cost of parts to replace is minimal. Prices are usually half that of big brand companies such as PC World who will charge £240 to fix the laptop!

faulty gpu chip

We believe at laptop repair Birmingham to give the customer a logical solution to the problem. What would the point be of charging £240 for a laptop repair if you can get a new laptop for an extra £100? Well PC World are hoping that you’ll just stump up the extra and they get another laptop sale. Here at Laptop Repair Birmingham as mentioned we can beat PC World laptop repair price by half at least, even more in most cases.

Our telephone number is clearly stated at the top of our website so if you have a laptop not turning on and live in Birmingham call us and speak directly to an laptop engineer for a good value quote.

Customer emails

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the way to test this would be to hook the laptop up to a computer monitor or projector, if there is an image whilst hooked up to a PC monitor or projector then it’s probably the screen that is faulty. However if you still do not get a picture then it will be aboard fault. Screen repairs are around £130, board faults are £150.

There is power. You just can’t see anything on the screen.


On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 2:19 PM, 777> wrote:


you’d be looking at £150 for a laptop repair if there is no power, repair usually take about 3 weeks.


Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 13:28:24 +0100

Hi there,

. I have a problem with my laptop. It’s a Sony Vaio vgn – z26gn. I upgraded it to windows 7 but had a problem with the drivers – the audio driver wasn’t working. So I put it back to Vista but the audio driver still wasn’t working. So I put on the recovery disk that the computer came with and when I did that the screen just went black and now the screen is showing nothing. I took it to be checked when I was in Greece (because I was there when it happened) but they were pretty useless and couldn’t tell me what was wrong. They thought maybe the graphics card wasn’t connected properly to the motherboard (or something like that).

Thanks for your time.

sony vaio

Got a smashed screen?

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Smashed laptop screens
Broken laptop displays are one of the most common laptop repairs we under take. Usually a laptop or net book has been accidentally stood on / dropped / or picked up wrongly. The result is a smashed laptop screen.
Depending on the model of your laptop screen repair is cheap and fast. A replacement screen usually takes around 20 minutes depending on the model and stock availability of the particular LCD.
The LCD (liquid crystal display) is commonly fractured this leaves a warped image on the screen with lines and bleeding. You’ll find that screens are not usually repair but replaced. This has two advantages.

1) You get a new screen. With the choice of a gloss or matt finish.
2) A screen replacement take 20-60 minutes to swap out.

Prices of laptop screen repair in Birmingham all depend on the model and screen size of your laptop.
Screens can usually be source for the following sizes of laptops in either a gloss or matt finish
10.2” LCD (This size of screen usually fits netbooks such as the Samsung NC10)
14.1” LCD (Usually for smaller laptops such as some Sony VAIO)
15.4” LCD (This is the most common size of laptop screen we replace)
16 + Up LCD (As the screens get bigger the price goes up however there is not that great a difference in price)
We usually keep a variety of screens in stock. This allows us to quickly service your laptop and depending on model we will replace the broken laptop screen in your own home or office.
If you’d like a quote for a laptop repair in Birmingham please call us on 0121-369-0911 Read more…

Laptop not turning on?

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Here at Laptop Repair Birmingham we see quite a few laptops that refuse to turn on. This is usually caused by a faulty component on the motherboard or the AC adapter surge.

motherboard laptop reapair

When you bring your faulty laptop to us we will test both the AC adapter and the motherboard on the laptop for the fault. This is usually a component repair on the motherboard. Testing both bits of hardwar protects customers from this fault re-occuring.

Laptop repairs need not be expensive. Please call now for a quote.