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Laptop Failure rate

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Check this out, independent research by a company that provides warranty repair on laptops. It’s a failure rate of the major manufacturers in the industry, surprise surprise HP are the worst!

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Laptop failure rates

The amount of HP’s I see with dodgy motherboard faults is increasing. I do like HP’s but after the amount I’ve seen in the past year I would stay away from purchasing an HP laptop. I do recommend Dell as they usually have good prices and if something should go wrong they are easily fixed.

To be fair Toshiba, Dell and Sony laptops we see the least of at Laptop Repair Birmingham. Of course these figures are not completely accurate as there are more Dell and HP laptops out in the wild compared to Leveno and Asus, also the figures are US based it seems. Computer shops here in the UK like PC World and Currys have their own brand, Packard Bell.

Hopefully this graph and the comments I’ve made make choosing a laptop an easier choice out there for someone reading this. As has been mentioned on this website, Laptop Repair Birmingham try to offer more than one solution, so it seems we recommend more than one laptop manufacturer.