We repair Apple Macs to!

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Haven’t posted anything on the website for quite a while. Time for an update.
Laptop Repair Birmingham offer all manner of services but not just Windows based computers. We also repair, fix and help with Apple Mac products.
The economy may be in a nose dive but we’ve seen a sharp increase in the amount of Apple Mac products in for repair. This is quite surprising as Apple Mac products are usually 3 times more expensive compared to Windows or “PC” based products and hardware.
apple mac repair birmingham

But I guess you pay for what you get – that however does not mean they don’t break down ­čÖé
Whether it be an iMac, Airbook, Mac book Pro, Ipad, iPod, Iphone – you name it anything apple we can help.
There are quite a few companies that claim to fix Apple Macs however the usually are more complicated to repair and that bit more expensive as parts are a little bit harder to source. National companies will charge an arm and a leg for Mac repairs. In-fact if you take your Mac computer to an Apple shop repair be prepared to take out a small loan! Only joking but before you go with wallet in hand to the Ishop give Laptop Repair Birmingham a call. Our suppliers give us very good rates on replacement hardware, screens, RAM, hard drives and all the other components that go into assembling an Apple Mac product.

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  1. Sebastian Piechowski Says:

    Would you be able to help with installing ATV Flash by Firecore on Apple tv 2? Apparently it needs to be jailbroken first, for that I need to run Snow Leopard on my mac and I only have Leopard, have a microUSB cable which I don’t have, I don’t even have an Itunes account for sharing for that matter. I’m all concerned with the hacking procedure as well. Please have a look at this and do respond with your help I need.
    Kind regards,

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